Thursday, 14 November 2013

Launching BVC Connect

In the last two years, we have all heard talks around "Big Data", "Gamification", "Mobility", etc. We have also heard of some very innovative products being launched, getting various industry awards, getting seed funded and then losing steam as they face the real market test! This is invariably a phenomenon that happens in every industry wherein a trend becomes a buzzword and everyone follows a herd mentality and jumps in without a second thought. How do we actually gauge the market potential for a particular service or product before putting in stakeholder money in a project? Easier said than done. It is actually one of the most difficult things to do. It is very important to curb the temptation of jumping in and swimming with the tide. Finally every seed of an idea needs to executed well to give off results. We see a huge opportunity in all of the above so-called buzzwords. But it also has to make business sense and hence products and services around these have to designed accordingly.

Just because SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud) is the in-thing does not necessarily mean that any kind of service would actually result in business. Yet we strongly believe that our lives in the future would move around these and related innovations. Hence as we take baby steps to get a foothold into this futuristic world, we also are designing methodologies to create MVPs and coming up with services which can actually be used by real people in real time.

These are exciting times for Team BVC. Birdvision's transactional platform (PaaS) for Rewards & Loyalty services ( is already gaining a whole lot of traction in the market with 43000+ members already onboarded. 

Birdvision now launches its SMS based Engagement Program for corporates - BVC Connect.

This service is being pilot tested by three major companies (two of them being global MNCs) to capture ground level real time data. "Datafication" in the true sense. This SMS based program is one of its kind in the industry and success in this beta testing phase would allow BVC to then launch it across various verticals. 

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