Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Six Pillars of bvcrewards.com

BVC Rewards, a plug and play Platform as a Service (PaaS) manages end-to-end delivery of Rewards & Loyalty Programs. It understands the "basic needs" for any such program!!

1) Design Schemes and Programs - Rewards and Loyalty programs typically need flexibility and scalability and each one needs to be unique in its own way.

2) Continuous Engagement with each participant - Participants need to be kept motivated in various ways and each participant's aspirations may be very different.

3) Information flow - The Rules of the game has to be standardized and communicated easily and effectively to each and every participant.

4) Ability to measure each action - Reporting and Analytics tools with archiving ability go a long way in helping good decision making.

5) Service and Quality - The wide choice of redemption and delivery capabilities with good quality of product/service is expected by each participant.

6) Maintaining transparency throughout the Program.

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