Monday, 24 September 2012

A Loyal Customer! How do I get one?

Every Enterprise wants loyal and motivated customers. The big question is HOW? Can loyalty be bought? Can it be rewarded? 
Any Consulting Guru would tell you that these are all gimmicks. What is at the core of every business is what truly matters. You need a superb product and you need awesome service levels. That's the experience every customer craves for!
Now what if you have a situation wherein great product and great service is just hygiene. If I am paying, I do demand a good product and a good service and there are 10 companies and brands giving me exactly that. That's the New Age of Business. What if the customer is still not satisfied and craves more. 
The trick lies in building a lasting relationship with your customer. The customer looks forward to interacting with you, your brand, your company. The customer aspires for your products and is proud of it. She becomes a part of your company; is your brand ambassador; becomes your sales person! That is loyalty. 
Let me give you an example:
Do you interact with your customer on her birthday, her anniversary, the child's birthday?? If not, where is the relationship? The first step is creating a relationship.
Then again, as with every relationship, there is a give and take. Do you send a greeting and a gift on birthday? If you do, your new found friend is sure to remember you when she is in the neighborhood. A continuous and favorable interaction over a period then leads to a relationship where you have gained a LOYAL customer.

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